2022 Mar 16

Announcing the Sail Dream Project, Japan’s Largest Japanese Speech Contest

Helte Co,. Ltd, (Head Office: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture; CEO: Manabu Helte; hereinafter referred to as “Helte”) will hold the “Sail Dream Project - The Spring to Get Closer to Your Dreams through Japanese” on Sunday, June 6th. The Sail Dream Project will be Japan’s largest online speech contest, and will afford fans of Japan and Japanese learners around the world the opportunity to speak about their dreams in Japanese.

Sail夢プロジェクト | Sail夢Project

Sail is a global communication service that connects fans of Japan with Japanese people through Japanese.

▼Our Goal
We have launched the Sail Dream Project with the hope that Sailers(※) from around the world will have the chance to act on the dream they want to fulfill through Japanese by interacting with Japanese Sailers of various backgrounds and experiences.

From participant selection to final speeches, the Sail Dream Project is a completely online project for people from around the world that want to use Japanese in their jobs and work in Japan. In the span of one and a half months, 10 finalists, selected after multiple rounds of selection, will receive training to give their ultimate speech about their dreams.

Guests and judges from around Japan will be invited to attend the final speeches, and prize winners will be offered the chance to go to Japan and receive internship experiences at Japanese companies. Additionally, throughout the month and a half, our worldwide Sailers aiming to work and study in Japan will receive further support from Japanese Sailers all over Japan that hold a wide variety of life experiences. Sail provides the opportunity to learn about the Japanese language and culture, and take steps closer to realizing the goals of working in Japan and getting a job that uses Japanese.

Not only will our Japanese Sailers be excited to interact with new Sailers from around the world, but by passing on their knowledge and experiences, they will be able to support those participating in the Sail Dream Project.

Participant Registration Form
Sail Dream Project Website

(※) Sailers are those who use Sail. Japanese people are Japanese Sailers, while those around the world studying Japanese are known as worldwide Sailers.

Grand Prize

Helte will completely cover expenses equivalent to 500,000 to 1 million yen, including travel, transportation, and lodging,
The length of the stay in Japan is between 1 and 2 weeks. We will plan with the award winner so that they can experience fieldwork in Kanagawa Prefecture and other experiences in places such as Tokyo and Fukuoka, and Niigata Prefectures.

Participants will be able to use Sail for free ( *1 and *2 in the schedule below)

Participants will be given free access to Sail (pre-existing paid accounts will not be converted to free accounts).
Through Sail, they will receive the opportunity to interact with Japanese people, get closer to the Japanese language and culture, and acquire the knowledge and speech skills that will help them get selected.

Introducing Our Pre-Contest Japanese Class Professors ( *3 in the schedule below

Instructors that specialized in Japanese education in graduate school will offer online Japanese classes. These classes offer not only the chance to improve grammar, pronunciation, and overall Japanese ability, but also the chance to work on final speeches. It is our hope that these classes will support the participants so that they can give their final speeches with confidence.

About the Sail Dream Project ( *4 in the schedule below)

The Sail Dream Project values not perfect grammar and pronunciation, but the passion and drive to realize one’s dreams.


For more information (for Sail Dream Project presenters)

Participant Registration Form
Sail Dream Project Website

Register to view the final stage (for audience members)

The final stage will be streamed live. Please join us!
・Date and Time: June 5th (Sunday), 8:30 AM ~ (Japan Time)
・Where: Zoom Webinar

What is Sail?

Sail is a Japanese global communication service that connects Japanese people with people from around the world that are interested in Japan. Users can make reservations, have conversations, evaluate those conversations, and analyze what they’ve talked about. It is the one-stop solution to Japan’s aging population problem, education for foreigners, and cultural understanding.

We collaborate with public sectors, such as Kanagawa Prefecture, Toyota City, the University of Tokyo, and Nara Women’s University to connect Japanese people with people around the world, and to solve social issues. Through such collaboration, we hope to create a positive impact on society.

Helte Company Profile

Company Name: Helte Co., Ltd.
Sail URL:
Address: Daiichi Mitoya Bldg. 3F, Azumakamicho 2-28, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 277-0011
CEO: Manabu Goto
Capital: 103,181,703 JPY
Business Activities: Operation of the Sail communication service; Management of our website and social media; Connecting foreign talent with Japanese companies

Contact information for inquiries regarding this release

Helte Co., Ltd
Contact: Chiemi Miura

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