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Paving the way for a vibrant and harmonious future

To make this vision a reality, we need to acknowledge and respect each others' differences. At Helte, we are convinced that a platform for learning about others and transcending differences in nationality, age, language, and culture will become a bridge to solving these problems. This is the starting point for a future where a vibrant, unified society is the norm.


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I couldn't have done this without all the support and help from the people who lent me a hand in this challenging endeavor:

- Our users from Japan and all around the world who cheered us on.

- Our friends at Helte who "sailed" with us on this voyage even when we were in rough waters.

- My family and friends that supported me even when it got hard.

- And finally, my investors and mentors who keep pushing me and giving me so much wisdom and bravery to keep going.

Helte is what it is today because of the people we've met, the warm relationships we've formed, and the love we've received.

We are working on our vision of creating a vibrant and harmonious future.

When I was a teenager, all I wanted was to find my place in the world and avoid living a life without purpose. My own happiness was very important to me. However, through various experiences and encounters with people, I came to the conclusion that not only pursuing my own happiness but also the process of aligning it with the happiness of society is the true meaning of happiness.

Until then, I had focused my trajectory on myself, but that has now been replaced by my desire to make people involved with Helte happy. Changing the world for the better with Sail is my driving force.

A society where you can be yourself. Acknowledgement and respect for people of different ages, cultures, nationalities, and languages. At Helte, we believe this is the foundation for an undivided society.

Helte aims to be a highly transparent organization that is close to its users. Although Helte is still a young company, we hope that our growth, hardships, challenges, joys, sorrows, and emotional rollercoasters will become an adventure we can navigate together with you.

Manabu Goto