Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Helte co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “we/us”) has established the following personal information protection policy (including the Cookie Policy: hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”). The Company has created an arrangement for the protection of personal information, and makes sure to strongly enforce our initiative to ensure that all employees understand the importance of protecting personal information. We protect your personal information through the implementation of this Policy. Please make sure to read and agree to this Policy before using our website, online communication services operated by us, and other services developed by us (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company’s Services”). If you continue to browse and use our website or the “Company’s Services, we assume that you have agreed to this Policy.

Definition and collection of personal information

“Personal Information” means information through which, by itself or by reference to other information, a person can be identified (name, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, profile photo, etc.). The Personal Information may be collected by the Company through direct or indirect interactions between the Company and users, such as user registrations, inquiries, and other usage of the Company’s Services. We may also obtain the Personal Information by making audio and video recordings of conversations and preserving chat histories, etc.

Personal information management

We will keep the Personal Information accurate and up-to-date. In order to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of the Personal Information, we take necessary measures including maintenance of security systems, establishment of management systems, and implementation of employee education, etc.

Purpose of using personal information

We will not use the Personal Information we collect for any purpose other than the following:

  1. Operation and provision of the Company’s Services
  2. Billing, refunding, payment, and so on of Service Fee, etc. and related processing
  3. Improvement of the Company’s Services and development of new services
  4. Provision of information and distribution of ads related to the Company’s Services to users
  5. Response to inquiries and consultation from users
  6. Creation of statistical data that cannot identify specific individuals
  7. SMS authentication for identification of users
  8. Provision to other users to suggest conversations using the Company’s Services with a particular user
  9. Various surveys, analysis, and marketing related to the above purposes of use


The Company’s Services may require users to provide following information to run the Company’s Services properly and comfortably: email address (encrypted), password (encrypted), phone number, IP address, country, local time-zone, user photo, gender, language speaking level, conversation topics, history of conversation (optional), and conversation schedule (optional). Each content should be appropriate for the purpose of the Company’s Services - conversation. Users may not pretend to be another person or attempt to harm people. Any improper contents will be deleted or nullified without warning in advance. If you find any improper use of your Personal Information by a third party, please notify us by email described at the very bottom of this Policy.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties; prohibition of provision

We will manage the Personal Information we receive in an appropriate manner and will not disclose it to any third party (except for contractors) unless the user agrees to that effect or the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and other relevant laws and regulations allow us to do so.

Consignment of personal information

In order to facilitate our operations and provide better services to our customers, we may outsource the handling of the Personal Information to third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use listed in “PURPOSE OF USING PERSONAL INFORMATION”.

Personal information security measures

We ensure to take appropriate security measures to guarantee the accuracy and security of your Personal Information, including encryption as necessary.

Personal inquiry

In accordance with applicable laws and relevant procedure, Users may request us to disclose, refer, amend, or erase their Personal Information upon our confirmation of their identity.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of information that is stored in PC, tablet, smartphone, or other Internet-enabled device used by the users. By using cookies, we are able to collect information such as type of browser used, the number of website visits, pages accessed, and language settings. The information collected through cookies does not include personally identifiable information such as the users’ name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

Purpose of using cookies

  1. To improve the convenience of users
    • When a user browses our website or uses the Company’s Services, we use cookies to identify your computer, etc., and to improve the convenience for the user to access our website on the browser.
    • We also use a chat bot provided by Zendesk, Inc. for the inquiry form of the Company’s Services, and we use Zendesk’s cookies for user inquiries. For more information about Zendesk, please refer to “USE OF ZENDESK” on this page.
  2. To understand the usage status
    • We may use information collected through the use of cookies to analyze how users use our website, and use this information to improve and enhance our website and the Company’s Services.
    • For this analysis, we use Google Analytics. For more information about Google Analytics, please refer to “USE OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS” on this page.
  3. Advertising distribution using cookies
    • We may use cookies to distribute behaviorally-targeted advertisements in the ad distribution services of affiliated companies.

Management and disabling of cookies

The user can disable cookies by changing the browser settings of PC, tablet, or smartphone being used. You can also delete cookies that have been saved. Please note, however, that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some of the functions of our website and the Company’s Services. For instructions on how to change your browser settings, please refer to the website of your browser provider.

Use of Stripe

We use a third-party payment processor, Stripe, for a part of payments. The Company’s Services do not store credit card details and instead relies on Stripe for this. We use a third-party payment processor to process payments made to us. In connection with the processing of such payments, we do not retain any personally identifiable information or any financial information such as credit card numbers. Rather, all such information is provided directly to our third-party processor, Stripe, whose use of your Personal Information is governed by their privacy policy, which may be viewed at the below link.

Use of Twilio

We use the Twilio API text messaging platform owned by Twilio Inc., 375 Beale Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA. Twilio has signed up to be covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. Twilio uses your data in an anonymized form to both improve their services and for statistical purposes. However, Twilio will not use your phone number to call you, or share your number with any third party. To learn more detail about Twilio’s privacy policy, visit the below URLs accordingly provided by Twilio Inc.

Use of Google Analytics

The Company’s Services have integrated the component of Google Analytics to analyze usage status. Google Analytics is a web analytics service to collect, gather, and analyze data about the behavior of visitors to the Company’s Services. It never includes any identifying information in the data, and all those may be owned by Google Inc. To learn more detail about Google Analytics, visit the below URLs accordingly provided by Google Inc.

Use of Sentry

We are constantly improving and developing the Company’s Services to provide our users with the best possible customer experience. Therefore, for cases of unexpected errors, we use Sentry, an error tracking tool from Functional Software Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Sentry”). To improve the accessibility and technical stability of the Company’s Services, we send minimum data about errors to Functional Software Inc., and Functional Software Inc. turns back us to analyze the errors. To learn more detail about Sentry, visit the below URL accordingly provided by Functional Software Inc.

Use of Zendesk

The inquiry form of the Company’s Services uses a chat bot provided by Zendesk, Inc. When a user makes an inquiry, Zendesk’s cookies, web beacons, and other information collection technologies are used to collect the content of the inquiry, user name, and e-mail address along with the user’s access information to Zendesk. Users can also contact the Company through Facebook message or e-mail (addressed to info[at]helte-corp[dot]com or support[at]helte-corp[dot]com), all of which are also linked to Zendesk, and Zendesk will collect your inquiry, user name, and e-mail address regardless of which method you use. The Company receives information about users, their inquiries, and responses to them from Zendesk; to learn more detail about Zendesk, visit the below URL accordingly provided by Zendesk, Inc.

Compliance with laws, ordinances, and standards and revision

To adhere to the laws, regulations and other standards adopted by Japan and other relevant jurisdictions with regard to the protection of the Personal Information, the Company will review the contents of this Policy from time to time and make efforts for improvement. We may revise this Policy, which will become effective when made available on our website.

About service

For contents and information about the Company’s Services, please visit our website.


For all inquiries concerning the Company’s handling of the Personal Information and Cookies, please contact us at: support[at]helte-corp[dot]com