2023 Jan 25
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Announcement of job offer posting on the sewa-katsu website

Today, we are pleased to announce the job offer on our website, "sewa-katsu".

The "sewa-katsu" is a new Information matching service to "take care" of foreign goods' employment/immigration to Japan.

A one-stop informational matching service that will take care of procedures for coming to Japan and being hired at a Japanese company, and provide support for living in Japan, enabling people to start their lives.

▼Click here to go to the "sewa-katsu" website
*Job offers are also available! We are also accepting applications.

▼Here's what "taking care of" looks like at “sewa-katsu”
“Procedures for coming to Japan”
-Assistance in obtaining VISA, providing information on living in Japan, etc.
“Being hired at a Japanese company”
-Help with interview practice, resume writing, job information, etc.
“Provide support for living in Japan”
-Help with finding a house in Japan, procedures at public offices, setting up a bank account, helping with electricity, water, and gas procedures, etc.

A key feature of Keikatsu is the use of "Sail," a conversation community service in Japanese. By using "Sail", your job search will go smoothly.
Please read  here for more details.

If you have any questions about sewa-katsu, please contact

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