2023 Jan 19

sewa-katsu|about logo concept

Helte Co., Ltd., has launched the website for its new service, “sewa-katsu” . To commemorate the launch, we’re introducing our intentions behind the design for the logo for this venture.

Helte Co., Ltd., released the website for “sewa-katsu” on 19th January, 2023. Here, we’ll explain the thought process behind the new logo released at the same time.


About the New Logo

We will strive to support people from around the world wishing to work in Japan through various circles of support. That concept (of “sewa-katsu”) is expressed in the design through multiple overlapping rings.


Gathering and Connecting Numerous Circles of Thought

“sewa-katsu” will connect people with various desires: those from around the world wishing to work in Japan, Japanese companies wanting to hire them, and Japanese people wanting to support those moving into Japan.

Forming light-hearted connections between Japan and people from around the world

We stand by, support, and build bridges with people from around the world wishing to work in Japan that are unable to take the plunge, and provide consistent support with the procedures related to coming to Japan.

Creating connections between people around the world and Japan

We will provide various services to connect people around the world with Japan, beyond national borders, through "sewa-katsu".


People from around the world who want to work in Japan, Japanese companies that want to welcome them, and Japanese people who want to support their arrival in Japan: through "sewa-katsu", we will connect those three circles. This logo represents our ambition.

Helte will endeavor to connect the people of the world and Japan through "sewa-katsu".

Click here to visit sewa-katsu's website