2022 Dec 01
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【For International users】日本語スピーチコンテスト「第2回 Sail夢プロジェクト」のエントリーがはじまりました。

日本語スピーチコンテスト「第2回 Sail夢プロジェクト」のエントリーがはじまりました。

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▼Sail夢プロジェクト エントリーはこちら。


The World’s Largest Japanese Speech Contest—The 2nd Sail Yume Project (sponsored by Helte Co., Ltd.)—Is Now Accepting Registrations

Features of the Sail Yume Project (Japanese speech contest)

1.The Grand Prize winner is invited to Japan
Helte Co., Ltd., will cover expenses equivalent to 500,000-1,000,000 yen, including travel to Japan, transportation within Japan, and accommodation expenses. The 1st Grand Prize winner was a college student from Egypt, whom we are preparing to bring to Japan in March of 2023 by their request.

2.An opportunity to learn more about the Japanese language and culture
Participants will be granted an account with free access to the community-focused conversation service Sail, in order to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about the Japanese language and culture. We will also offer free online Japanese classes by our dedicated Japanese language teachers to those who pass the selection process, so that they may perform at their best during the grand finale.

3.Offering employment support to those wishing to work in Japan
Participants wishing to work in Japan will be introduced to job openings and provided with opportunities to meet with companies. After the 1st Sail Yume Project, one participant received a job offer from a Japanese pharmaceutical company, and they are preparing to join the company next July.

▼Sail Yume Project Website

▼Register here

Helte Co., Ltd., will start providing employment assistance for foreign job seekers as of this month.
▼”Sewa-katsu”: Japanese Employment Support for People Around the World
A one-stop support service for immigration to Japan, Sewa-katsu is an information matching service that takes care of foreign talent immigrating to Japan.


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